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*La Palomba (The Dove), 2021 [mezzo-soprano, percussion, string quartet]

*S’brent (It’s Burning), 2020 [oboe/english horn, cello, piano]

*A Sephardic Chanukah, 2018 [string quaret]

*Far Vos? (Why?), 2013 [voice, flute, piano], published by Shalshelet


Springtime in Syria and Salonica, 2017 [SATB chorus (solo alto, tenor, and bass), flute, violin, qanun, dumbek]

O, Clap Your Hands!, 2011 | Ha Lakhma Anya, 2006 [SSA chorus, clarinet, dumbek, piano], published by Boosey & Hawkes


Missing, 2012 [voice and piano] text by Ilsa Gilbert

*Cuban Dance, 1994 [voice and piano] text by Ilsa Gilbert

Go Away Tango, 1989 [voice and piano] text by Lawrence Lind, first prize Cornell University competition

Fantasia (on a theme of Stephen Foster), 1974 [voice and piano] text by Stephen Foster

next to of course god america, 19__ [voice and piano] text by e.e. cummings


M’chal, 2016  [cantor (tenor), SATB chorus]

Oseh Shalom, 2015 [SSA chorus]

Psalm 113, 2010 [violin, SSA chorus, dumbek, piano], published by Salshelet

S’lach Lanu, Avinu, 2006 [SATB chorus, piano]

El Nora Alilah, 2005 [SATB chorus, piano]

Ya’aleh, 2005 [SATB chorus, piano]

K’rakh(e)m Av, 2005 [cantor (medium voice), SATB chorus, piano], published by Shalshelet

May the Words — Yih’yu L’ratson, 2005 [cantor, SATB chorus, piano]

Im eyn ani li, mi li? (If I Am Not for Myself), 2002 [voice and piano]

Hine Matov Umanaim, 1993 [soprano or tenor, piano]

R’tzei [mezzo-soprano and piano]

Sim Shalom [mezzo-soprano and piano]

Adon Olam [two equal voices, piano]


Ny(e) S(e)rdis, 2012 [medium voice, violin, bass, accompaniment], traditional Russian Gypsy melody

Dodi Li, 1987 [mezzo-soprano, tenor, piano], Hebrew folksong

Erev Shel Shoshanim, 1961 [mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, guitar], Hebrew folksong

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds) [soprano, flute, guitar] melody by Abraham Goldfaden, recorded by Benita Valente and Sharon Isben

Eli, Eli (O God, My God) [medium voice and piano], original music by David Zahavi, text by Hannah Senesh